About us



Ibex Logistics is located in Tbilisi, Georgia, which provides international logistics services. We suggest to our customers and agents the full range of international forwarding and logistic services worldwide. The company was established in 2017.
Our company’s status allows us to organize transportation from any point of the world or anywhere in the world and conduct all logistic services related to it.
Ibex Logistics has an internal information service, documentation and cargo information exchange system. Electronic exchange of data exchange facilitates the strengthening of connections with local and foreign clients. Through this technology, Ibex Logistics can pay more attention to each customer and, therefore, offer the best options and services for shipping.
Shipping or Container Cargo, Import or Export, Delivery door-to-door. We will always try to be the first and safely satisfy your transportation requirements anywhere around the world.
Logistic methods introduced by our company will help you to transport expensive, spoiled and other goods.
Our aim is to be your global logistics partner and to provide you with all possible help to make your goals successful in today’s fast-growing market.
Any shipment is carried out with maximum attention and monitoring, since your cargo shipment is safe.


Ibex Logistics is an international shipping company that imports and exports cargo to all destinations around the world.
Since 2012, projects of national and world importance have been done with our help. Our experienced, professional, team members work daily, improve and deepen their knowledge to carry out larger projects in the future.
What we offer